Decorate your walls in a celebration of your family's life. In this digital age we are creating more memories than ever before. How many times have you looked through your photo library and found a picture or pictures that have recorded a special time in your life. Invariably you think "I should get that framed" but you don't know where to start and never quite get around to it. With Framing-Studio we are eliminating all of the hassle involved in getting those special memories framed. Open our Frame Designer, upload your photo, select the size you are looking for, and design you perfect framed memory. It's as simple as that. We provide you with instant pricing for framed and delivered memories.
Don't hide your achievements in a box. Create a timeline of Milestones in your Family's life and hang it proudly where it can be seen. From the first ultrasound to the college graduation, want to mount a first pair of booties or a blanket, we do that too. We can create a shadow boxes to mount items with depth, like winning pair of cleats or baseball hat. Want to mount a high school or college sports jersey? No problem either. We can customize the framing for just about any piece of family memorabilia you can imagine.



Hospital Wrist Band
First Foot Prints
First pair of shoes
First day at Kindergarten
First day at first grade
My first book
Birthday Collage
First team Jersey
First team Picture
First trophy
First Halloween outfit


Favorite Actor/Actress
Competition Pictures/Results
Hero Pictures (Who do they admire)
Motivational Images
Educational or sporting achievements
Canvas print of close friends
Sports team Pictures


For Her

Family Pictures
Parent/Grand Parent black and whites
College and professional awards
Home Town Pictures
Old School Photos
Re-Union Photo
Academic Certificates